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    With over two decades in the hospitality sector, globally, Potentia Solutions Leisure has risen to new heights Brisbane, pioneering the approachable lifestyle dining, luxury and nightlife.. We strive to be the market leaders within the hospitality sector, and are renowned for developing & creating successful and innovative concepts to enable businesses and operators to fulfill their goals with creative and uncompromising management solutions.

    Leaders in concept creation and hospitality management, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver experience-driven destinations. Proven hospitality operators, Potentia Solutions Leisure is home to some of the Brisbane’s most-loved rooftops, restaurants, bars, cafe’s and family entertainment venues, providing simultaneous talent and entertainment, as well as consultancy, an end-to-end solutions to concept creation, project management, marketing, management and franchising through our industry-leading team of professionals.

    Sophisticated yet approachable in design & service but never pretentious, our creative direction consistently caters to the experience-driven sector. Combining amazing yet idyllic locations selected through tailored sourcing with creative innovation and design, leveraged by a proven, professional and highly effective management team. This is Potentia Leisure.